Pugs are a little breed of dogs that are sensitive to the world around them. This is why they can suffer from a number of health related issues if care is not taken. Below are some tips to help you in caring for your pug so that it will be able to live a healthy life in your home.

Help Your Pug Stay Slim

People assume that pugs are generally supposed to be fat. However, this is not true. Pugs have muscular bodies that can be maintained in a lean shape without excessive fat. The perfect pug’s body is in the shape of an inverted hourglass, being slim at the neck and broad at the shoulders, before becoming slim again. Therefore, if your pug looks like a barrel, it is in need of some fitness training to reduce the excessive fat.

Maintain Its Diet

If you want to keep your pug health, why avoid giving it human food, and always give it dry chow instead of canned dog foods. The number of treats should also be limited and a vet should be consulted regarding the amount of food your pug should eat at each meal.

Exercise Your Dog

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Keep your pug healthy with regular activity

Pugs sleep most of the day, but when awake, they require some form of exercise as well. Take it for a short walk, or play a physical game. Any activity that keeps your pug active will work well, as long as it’s performed daily.

Avoid Smoking around Your Pug

Pugs have sensitive lungs and can face breathing problems even without a smoky atmosphere. So do your pet a favor and smoke in any place where your pug isn’t present.

Build a Fence

Dogs in general and pugs in particular, are curious creatures. They may run to meet any stranger that approaches your yard, and might even ignore their own safety when they are sniffing around and making new discoveries. Keep your pug away from the road as cars and dogs do not mix well and keep them away from other larger dog breeds and wild creatures too. The best way to do this is build a fence around your home in which your pug can explore to its heart’s content while being safe from harm.

Leash Your Pug

When outside of your house, always leash your pug, even if you are carrying it, so that it will not run away and injure itself. Keeping your pug on a leash will also prevent it from getting lost.

Check the Temperature

Pugs are overly sensitive to heat and high temperatures. Heat strokes can lead to a number of heart, kidneys, and other organ problems in pugs. Thus, when you are sending your pug out to play, make sure you check the temperature as not all pugs recover from the dangerous symptoms of heart attacks and kidney failures.

Pugs require more care and attention from their owners as compared to other dog breeds, probably because their small size makes them easily vulnerable to other things that surround them in our environment. So use the tips above to care for your pug in the best way!