Should you be feeding those bones to your pug or shouldn’t you – that is the question. How often and how many are secondary issues. Currently, there are a number of dog bones, chews, and toys available in the market. But as popular as they are with the pet owners, there have concerns accompanying them too, which for the sake of your pug’s health you should be aware of.

The Advantages

These include:

  1. Healthy Gums and Teeth

The items have the tendency to wrap around your dog’s teeth once they’ve been moistened enough. In this manner, they rub off any plaque that’s accumulating here. If your dog has had plaque building up, then he’s likely to be prone to dental problems. The chew bones and raw hides therefore ensure there’s no dentrimental effect to your pug’s health and save it from unnecessary medical pain, and likewise, you, from unnecessary cost.

In some cases, it even reduces teething pain for puppies, simultaneously helping them to develop strong jaws.

  1. Saves Precious Items at Home

Dogs with an inquisitive nature may end up chewing your furniture, clothes, and other similar items, especially if there’s no one around to stop them. Introducing them to recreational chewing items ensures your canine companion is busy for hours.

The Disadvantages

Some people are willing to overlook the downside to these items if they believe that their pet loves it. However, it’s important to consider these even as you shop and make the purchase.

  1. Not all of them are safe to eat

There are numerous reports regarding the toxicity of these items. The manufacturing process of rawhide for example uses chemicals to separate the skin from the hide, leaving poisons like formaldehyde and arsenic within untreated. When buying, look at the name of the manufacturer; be very selective and stick to the best.

  1. Choking, digestive blockage, and gastrointestinal complications

That’s true, irrespective of the type of dog you have or the type of recreational item you gift it. If the dog breaks off a tiny piece and puts it in its mouth or if the thing has become too small to be easily swallowed in one go, the portion poses serious imminent risk in case it gets stuck in the throat. The same piece can also cause digestive obstruction if it expands inside the dog’s stomach.

  1. Inappropriate Feeding

It’s probably not as much of a disadvantage as it is the owner’s fault. There are two types of owners, one who is genuinely and completely excited for the new pet, and the other who isn’t. Carelessness either way, is dangerous if you feed puppies and older dogs for instance with large inedible recreational bones when their tiny teeth – or if they’ve lost some – requires you to feed it with softer options. Sensitive breeds often end up breaking or chipping their teeth this way. So, consider the mouth size and the chewing ability of your dog when buying.

Also, consider them with respect to their nutritional value to the diet you are already feeding your pug. Beef bones with enough meat may be a meal in themselves. A nice balance would help avoid making your dog overweight.

Do you make healthy choices for your dog?