Pic of Valentino Garavani and pugs
World famous designer Valentino Garavani has been a pug parent for much of his life.

Pugs are really popular not only amongst the masses but also in the fashion and entertainment industry. It is their unique charm that makes them irresistible in comparison to any other dog.

They have the distinctive capability to adapt any house and lifestyle. It is their grace and elegance that has made them the preferred choice of many notable figures.

Pugs are Cute

The flat nose of pugs never lets them breathe without gasping. They take pleasure in snorting and making funny noises on purpose to amuse people around them and get their attention. Their cute strange sounds bring out adorable feelings from everyone.

They are Entertainers

Pugs have a great sense of humor. They love to create fun out of ordinary things in life. From simplest things like eating and sleeping to fun activities like running around the home or playing, they never fail to grab people’s attention with their mischievous look and charm.

Movie Pic of Milo & Otis
Milo and Otis, 1986

It is their unmistakable charm that has made them frequent icons in the advertisement and entertainment industry. They have landed roles in various television shows and movies including Otis – The Adventure of Milo and Otis (1989), Frank the Pug – Men in Black I and II (1997 and 2001), Percy – Walt Disney’s Pocahontas (1995), and Sam – TV’s “Big Brother” (2001).

Man’s Best Friend

Pugs are very good companions. They don’t consider themselves less human when it comes to their relation with humans. They crave for your attention and follow you around happily.

Their companionship is addictive to their owners as well. Once you own a pug, it may get hard for you to live without one. They have the quality of becoming an integral part of your life.

Pugs are quite adaptable. Whether you have an upbeat life or you enjoy sitting around watching television, they have the quality to adapt to any lifestyle. They just like to be treated as family members and love entertaining the people around them.

Pic of Jack Lemmon and Pugs
Jack Lemmon in Warner Bros.”The Great Race” 1965

It is their adaptability and close relationship with humans that make them wonderful models for ads and entertainment programs.

They Become Friends with Children Easily

Pugs are very tolerant of young children. They consider children to be their siblings and show remarkable tolerance towards them. They feel happy playing with them.

The charismatic combination of children and pugs has made them an excellent pair for many advertising campaigns, and TV and film roles.

Pugs Are Smart

Pugs are often labeled as dumb. Actually, they are not. Pugs are full of curiosity. They love to explore and learn new things.

Pic of Frank the Pug Men In Black
Frank the Pug & Will Smith, MIB II

For most of them, food is the ultimate pleasure and reason for adventures. They are smart enough to figure out if they can get food for working, then why should they work for free? They can be as smart as you train them to be.

With their cute looks, capability of grabbing attention, smartness, and friendliness, pugs are the most lovable and delightful part of the advertisement and entertainment industry.