Pugs are adorable little dogs that, like any other dog, need to be trained so that they behave well and develop good habits. You can train your pug no matter how old he/she is, although training him/her while it is still a puppy is always a better option.
pug training 101

You would, after all, want your pug to always be on his or her best behavior, especially when you have people over at your house or are in a public setting. After all, if you’re really lucky you may find a way to qualify your pug as a Service Dog and bring your buddy around anywhere you go.

A respectful and well socialized pug who listens to you is achievable with a little hard work. Pugs are not dumb, and they will listen if you train them the right way! Through positive reinforcement and incorporating the right approach, you can train your pugs to be great dogs that not only listen to you, but also respect and adore you. Bite sized Milk Bone training treats go a LONG way as these curly tailed dogs are VERY food motivated!

The Right Approach to Training Pugs

Pugs will only learn how to behave if you reinforce a certain behavior in them. In this way, they are just like humans who as kids need to be told what can be done and what cannot be done. If your pug is misbehaving, it is likely that you have not taught them the proper manners yet. Through positive reinforcement, you will be able to teach your dog to do good things. For instance, if he behaves according to how you would like him to behave, then you can reward him. Physical, verbal, and treat[able] rewards are all good!

If you want to correct a behavior, you should never get angry or yell. This will only make them scared and you would not want that as this can lead to long term anxiety and fear. Pugs are incredibly sensitive in terms of their emotional capacity so it is important that a pug owner be cognizant of this when directly addressing the little dog. As such, it is crucial that you correct this negative behavior calmly. For instance, if he is biting on your shoes, you can take away the shoe and give him some toy he can bite on as a replacement. This is a lesson, teaching the dog that the shoe is not for chewing, rather, it’s the toy that is. Dogs are very perceptive in terms of reading human emotions so it takes very little to communicate both anger and satisfaction.

Pug Temperament and Behavior

You need to understand the temperament and behavior of pugs properly before you can take any corrective action against their inappropriate behavior. Pug puppies can be extremely playful, curious, attention seeking, and goofy. They have little attention spans and would always be looking for something or the other to do. As they grow older, they will become more controlled, sociable, stubborn, charming, and energetic. Did we say stubborn? (I say that with a chuckle)

With such traits, you can expect pugs to be naughty on occasions, and if you do not take action to correct them when they are doing something wrong, then they will likely think that it is okay to do those things. Also, since pugs are social creatures, they cannot be left alone for extended periods of time. This can cause a lot of stress for them.

Pugs are beautiful and adorable dogs with a lot of great traits and qualities. However, like all other dogs, they need to be kept under control and need to be taught what is right and wrong. If proper training is given, they will turn out to respect you and will listen to you, especially when circumstances call for it. When a pugs listen, they will become even more adorable and you would want to give them more attention.

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