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Check out GetPuggedUpTV’s Clips of Lola and Dixie! We’re glad you made it here and while this is a subjective statement, we believe we have some of the best in terms of our collection of pug media in the pug universe… YouTube is pretty loaded with cool stuff and I’m sure Animal Planet has posted some of this stuff over the years… Whether you’re at work, home, or on the go, forget about some of the other daily stresses and have a laugh with us.
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GetPuggedUpTV’s “Pugs of the Internet”
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These love pugs are all over the Internet and work feverishly to keep their various InstaPug, Pug Twitter, pug Facebook updated with the latest and greatest. Wherever you may be, go ahead and make sure to share our pug content with your friends, family, co-workers… pretty much anyone y0u know that loves pugs or dogs and animals in general is a safe bet. Our pug pics and videos are very shareable and Dixie is a bit of a show off! If you have any requests or would like to feature any of your related content just let us know what you have in mind! These pugs are always eager to make new friends. If you haven’t already, check out the Pug Shop if you’re looking for some cool pug gear as well including calendars, mousepads, jewelry, and other neat items sourced through our affiliate partner, Amazon.