If you are a pug lover, you must be aware of the fact that pugs are fond of eating. For them, eating is the best part of the day. Regrettably, because of their eating habits, they are more susceptible to health-related issues.

Pugs demands high level care and attention, specifically towards their food habits. Generally, people don’t care much about the food intake of animals thinking that they are capable of digesting anything! This myth busts only when you become an animal lover and realize the pain that animals go through when they consume something inappropriate.

Mentioned below are some recommendations that will help you in making your pug healthy and fit:

A Slim Pug Is a Healthy Pug

According to recent studies, it is ideal for pugs to remain slim and trim in order to live a healthy & long life. Diet plays an important role when it comes to staying fit; make sure you feed your pug with pug food rather than human food, go for dry food instead of canned ones which are full of preservatives, and make sure you take an advice from a professional vet regarding how much food the pug can consume on a daily basis.

Make Your Pug Work Out!

Just like humans, pugs gain weight more easily as compared to losing it. The fact that pugs sleep around 12-14 hours each day doesn’t mean that you let it sleep all day. Make your pug exercise for some time of the day to keep it fit and active – even 5 minutes of walk would be enough. Exercise also makes their heart and lungs healthy.

Some Additions to Pug Diet

Nutritional supplements will help pugs stay fit and robust throughout the day. Supplements like canine glucosamine, aid in keeping the pug’s joints strong, while cod oil intake will not only keep their skin and fur healthy, but also support their digestion.

Take Care Of Their Water Intake!

Water is one of the key essentials of living a healthy life. Similarly, pugs need to be fed with plentiful supply of water. Make sure you provide your pug with cool and unsullied water at all times. If the water is left for more than 3 hours, make certain that you change it timely. Giving tap water is alright but according to a study conducted in U.S, tap water contains hint pests, composts, and manufacturing waste that can cause life-threatening consequences to your pug. Therefore, it is a good idea to boil the tap water or purchase mineral water for your pug.

If your pug is drinking more water than it usually does, take notice of it and consult with your vet as it might be a medical imbalance. High portion of dry food in a pug’s diet would also increase its thirst, so it would be normal for it to consume more water than usual.

Make sure you take note of the aforementioned recommendations to keep your pug healthy, active and playful!