Pug Health Guide

Pug Health Guide Legal Stuff: Educational information only and not intended to replace advice or treatment from your veterinarian. Please discuss any health problems or concerns you may have with your own veterinarian. If you suspect that there is something wrong with your pug (or any animal), consult with a medical professional without delay.

General Health Information

The Pug truly is one of the most wonderful pet dogs in the world. Generally speaking, pugs are a healthy, resilient breed that often live between 12 and 15 years. Despite that, there are some more common health problems you should be aware of in order to more rapidly identify some of these ailments at an early stage. With general knowledge related to your dog’s health, you can more likely prevent an issue that would hinder your pug’s ability to live the longest, happiest life possible.

Important Pug Health Information
Important Pug Health Information

Among all pugs, one of the most prevalent concerns relates to body weight. Obesity in pugs is common as these dogs are experts when it comes to meal time. Unfortunately, a pug does not know moderation when it comes to food and as such will eat until they’re sick. Studies conducted by animal food companies have shown a correlation between a dog’s weight and lifespan. Your healthy, in shape dog is expected to live an average of two years longer than overweight dogs and the lean, healthy dogs have shown as less susceptible to health problems. With that, the word moderation is introduced. It is best to not leave food for 24 hour consumption but rather to pick up the food bowl when meal time is over. This will prevent your pug from eating more than what your doctor recommends.
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But Always Consult with Your Vet Before Making Any Decision About Your Pug's Health
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