Meet the Pugs! Lola and Dixie from GetPuggedUp

meet the pugs

Welcome to GetPuggedUp! Now that you’re here, it’s time for you to meet the pugs who star in this show. Lola (left) is a pug on a mission, a little sassy, a little wild. Lola won’t take “bark” from anyone, but she will take treats from Dixie, and when it comes to taking naps, she’s an absolute professional. In this picture Dixie has just busted her for stealing her favorite toy yet again! She’s obviously doing her best to look remorseful… but she’ll do it again in an instant. Lollygagger is one of her main aliases.

Dixie (right) is the true anti-sheriff in town. She runs the show and controls the shots in every dog park she sets foot in! She also exhibits savant like qualities, and uses her immense brain power to foil Lola’s many attempts to steal her treats; and she also moonlights (from napping and eating) as a swami to afford more treats when she’s unsuccessful at keeping Lola out of her kibble.

Though Lola and Dixie have their differences, they do concur on a couple things… they think their humans are omniscient beings that can do no wrong and the cat is forever in a state of planning (for the next battle). You can support their efforts to love their humans and defend their comfy bed and prime couch seating from the kitty by following links to purchase some of their favorite things at the Pug Shop. Now aren’t you glad that you have taken some time to meet the pugs? It’s always nice to know who you’re dealing with.

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Oh yeah, and if you’re on the street, watch out for Dixie… she does have a record with the local authorities. It’s nothing she brags about or necessarily wants me sharing in a public forum but just to be fair to you, the viewer, here is her rap sheet for reference. Should you come in contact with her, there very well may be a display of public urination or she may forcefully solicit a belly rub or perhaps even an ear scratch. She just can’t help it…

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