Pugs love to explore and will often come in contact with many items that can be harmful to them. They will continue to sniff around the house with their powerful sense of smell and will often face problems due to their incessant curiosity to roam around the place.

Are you bringing home a new pug puppy? If yes, then you first need to make sure that your house is safe for the little creature. Here is a list of items that you need to keep away from your pug puppies for their own safety:

Indoor Plants

Pugs can be allergic to a number of household plants. However, their curious nature makes them unaware of the dangers and they are still eager to explore and even taste indoor plants. Some common household plants can be toxic for your dog, so make sure you keep all your plants out of your pug’s reach.


A loosely capped liquid medicine bottle or a fallen medicine pill can easily be consumed by your pug, as they are fond of putting their noses into everything! Keep all your medications locked away in a cabinet and away from your pug.

Chemicals and Cleaners

You need to safeguard your pug puppy, just as you would protect a human child from harmful chemicals and detergents. Make sure that the cupboard where you store your chemicals is kept locked until needed. Your puppy should not be given excess to that area.

Electrical Wires

All electrical switches and cords can be a cause of harm for your pug if care is not taken. An electrical can cause cardiac arrest and even prove to be fatal for small pug puppies. Make sure that you keep all stray cords out of reach and cover all open circuits. Additionally, monitor your pug at all times to ensure that it is not poking its nose into an electrical socket in your wall.


What one loves can kill another; yep, as much as we love them, chocolates are fatal for dogs! Even a very small amount of it is enough to kill a large dog. This is why you need to keep your stock of chocolates away from your pug puppy. Make sure that no stray chocolate wrappers are left around the house as well.

Sharp Objects

Whether it is the corner of your furniture or the edge of your stairs, all pointy objects that are at an eye level with your pug can harm its large protruding eyes. So make sure that you cover all these sharp corners with soft sponge, or cloth using adhesive tape or glue.

Now you know how to pug proof your home for your new pet. The safety of your pug puppy is in your hands and you need to take full responsibility for its protection from objects around the house. As a pug’s energetic days are numbered, these precautions are temporary until your dog is old enough, so enjoy these active days with your pug while they last!

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