How often do you imagine treating yourself to the frozen delights of ice cream, ice water, or anything cold for that matter in the blistering heat of the summer? Let me guess, very often. They do taste delicious, not to say they help you handle the temperature and cool down.

Well, what about your best friend in that shaggy, thick fur coat and seemingly out of the league for the weather? Panting and resting in shade helps them, but even with the tongue (literally) hanging out their mouth, they cannot sweat off the heat. It’s just a dog’s nature. What is your role here? Let’s find out.

Know Your Pug

Obvious, isn’t it, that the very first thing to guide you is knowing the breed, age, individual metabolism, and health concerns of your pet? If your pet is (a) very young, (b) very old, (c) overweight, then they are at greater risk and you have to be extra careful with them – like making sure there are no activities planned around midday when the sun is at its hottest. Of note, dogs with Laryngeal Paralysis or Roarer’s Syndrome should be kept out of the sun. Be sure to ask your vet about that.

Your Pug Needs Access to Fresh, Cool, Water – At All Times

While they may not necessarily be as vocal as you’d want them to be in order to provide for their needs, it’s common sense that the pet should be offered a lot of water both prior to, during, and after they’ve been exposed to sun and heat. Ever had dry mouth and there was no water to be found? Terrible feeling! If your pug’s not drinking as much as you think he/she should, try making it more flavorful to encourage good hydration. A treat or some chicken broth for instance, can be stirred in water placed before him/her to make it more appetizing. At GetPuggedUp, we actually add a small bit of water and chicken broth to Lola and Dixie’s dry food to encourage good hydration on top of the added benefit of flavor. You may also want to stay on alert that they don’t drink so much that they end up vomiting it. Too much of anything can be a bad thing as we all know.

NEVER Leave the Dog in an Unattended Vehicle on a Warm Day

It’ll become intolerable for your pug, irrespective of the fact that you left the windows down. Where you, sitting directly in front of the A/C, thought it cool enough to conveniently run an errand, the dog sitting in the back might not. A dark-colored dog will easily absorb more heat than it will give off and therefore become overheated. Dark fur + dark interior in your vehicle means double trouble in this regard. What’s more, they may get a sunburn too if they have no fur protection.

Consider applying pet sunscreen to their shaved areas and ask your vet about how best to protect their noses from exposure.

In case your dog is in the overheated stage following exposure, pour or sponge the armpits, abdomen, and feet with cool water and NOT alcohol. Also, make your lil fur baby drink as much water as possible. If it’s a severe case, that is, the dog’s collapsed or inactive for example, don’t hesitate in taking your dog to the vet as there are emergency vet hospitals that will treat your loved dog at any hour.

Other Measures

These include

  • Avoid feeding within sixty minutes, before and after exercise.
  • Avoid walking on hot pavement.
  • Purchase a large, insulated yet well-ventilated doghouse. You can also add a canopy and fan to it when your dog wants to rest outside. A sprinkler or a large tub in your yard is also useful to beat the heat and enjoy the day.
  • Don’t shave a pug (sun burn may result) and don’t let it stay longer than 15 minutes out in the heat.

What measures do you take to make summer time fun for yourself and your pug? Did you find these tips helpful?

-Written with #puglove by @GetPuggedUp