Having a sick or an injured pug at your hand doesn’t imply that you’ve not been a responsible pet owner. You did everything to ensure your baby grew up in a safe environment, healthy. But it didn’t matter how vigilant you were, accidents happened (as they do) and your dog is now ill or injured. Now you are not just left worrying about your pet’s safety but also on how to fund the medical bill. Where regular pet care was already heavy on your pocket, getting it medical care means additional charges.

There are multiple ways for veterinary financial aid. What are your options, let’s see.

Pet Health Insurance

The American Veterinary Medical Observation has observed that the number of vet specialists including ER doctors, neurologists, ophthalmologists, oncologists, and dermatologists has increased sharply in the last few years. They are trained to provide services using tools like CAT scans and treatments like brain surgery. Most pet owners have yet to realize that instead of shunning these sophisticated diagnosis and treatment facilities for their pet, they ought to start a savings plan and get their pet covered by insurance.

Don’t think “I’ll do it later”; don’t gamble and put your pet at greater risk than it is now. Depending on the type of insurance you’ve shopped, their coverage plans ensure your pet gets the best care. You get the treatment, file a claim, and get reimbursed. Some companies even allow you to use your own veterinarian.

Medical Credit Cards

If insurance premiums seem too big for you to handle, you can get basic coverage while using a medical credit card along with it to meet the cost. With adequate credit, you can select a credit card with low or zero interest. Citi Health Card and CareCredit are two such cards that are endorsed and accepted across the U.S. Just remember to check in with the specialty and emergency clinics in your area about the ones they accept so you won’t be stressed later.

One tip when using these cards is to apply for it even if you don’t think you’d qualify. Get a co-applicant, if you want to increase your possibility of getting approved and/or getting a higher credit limit. Another tip’s to keep it for the large emergency medical bills than using it every time a small or big expense came up.


If your income doesn’t allow you to pay for the procedure, or if are currently unemployed (perhaps due to a disability), you may want to consider NGOS and other animal welfare teams that offers loans, grants or low-cost care to help you deal with vet bills. You’d be asked to submit a cost estimate (written and signed by the vet) along with your proof of income when applying via phone or online.

Don’t give in to pressure and adopt the alternative of abandonment or euthanasia for your pets. You can avoid it if you give a little forethought to it. Do you have a financial plan ready for your beloved pug?