Dog Dental Health and Care… Get the Scoop on Doggie Dental Info For Your Pug, Cat, or Any Dog

If you have a pet, especially a pug or dog, dog dental care is extremely important and you need to ensure that you take proper care of his or her teeth. A lack of or insufficient dog dental care and hygiene can result in foul breath because of the bacteria buildup among other problems such as painful eating and chewing. It is for this reason that you should dedicate time to the dental care of your pug and go for their dental checkup at least twice a year. Dog’s are called “canines” for a reason!

Pugs in particular are greatly affected by bad breath. This is largely because their teeth are situated close together and they are really tiny, allowing food and other stuff to get stuck in the cracks and buildup over time. However, if you wish to control this, you must take care of the following:

Dog Dental Care

Regular Brushing

Your pug’s teeth should be brushed once every day. It is best to get your pug in the habit of getting their teeth brushed when they are still a puppy so that they can get used to it. There are separate toothpastes and brushes available for dogs that come in a lot of flavors appealing to dogs. Be sure to keep your dog comfortable and calm before brushing. Keep in mind not to use toothpaste for humans on dogs.

Toys Can Help

Your pug can be given certain toys that are friendly for their teeth. Toys that are hard and made of rubber are the best for dog teeth. When dogs chew on these toys, they will help to clean their teeth and get rid of some tartar and plaque. Meat flavored toothpastes are also a great idea and highly recommended.

Dieting Does Play a Role

If your pug gets affected by foul breath, it might be time to change its diet. If you feed them with food that is easy to digest and of high quality, then the problem of bad breath can be considerably reduced. You might even want to switch to dry food if you have been using canned or wet food. This will have a similar effect to chew toys and help in scraping of the teeth. Also, meat can cause a lot of bad breath and you should definitely consider getting dry food in that case.

As a Parent, Check Your Pug’s Mouth Regularly

You should always keep a check on your pug’s mouth and overall dental health. If you sense bad breath, then immediately take your dog to the vet and ask them why this is the case. Often times, there are food pieces that get stuck in the mouth and leave an odor or even a mouth tumor. If a specific smell from your pug’s breath changes, you might want to get the condition checked out for other serious issues that might be arising internally.


dog dental care
GetPuggedUp’s Sweet Pea the Pug showing off her smile.

If your pug has bad breath, it will become really hard for you to accept all the love and affection that your dog might have for you. It is for this reason that dental care is highly important. The recommendation of your vet is highly important in such matters. Therefore, before taking any official step towards finding a cure, be sure to talk to your vet about it.

Note: Educational information only and not intended to replace advice or treatment from your veterinarian. Please discuss any health problems or concerns you may have with your own veterinarian. If you suspect that there is something wrong with your pug (or any animal), consult with a medical professional without delay.

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