pet health insurance basics

Pet Health Insurance Basics

Pug Health Insurance Info There are numerous benefits to pug health insurance and having a plan in place may be a life saver for your pet (dogs and cats alike). Ensuring that your pet’s routine veterinary needs are met is very important. Life happens and sometimes unexpected veterinary expenses come up but they don’t have […]

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Pug Training 101

Pugs are adorable little dogs that, like any other dog, need to be trained so that they behave well and develop good habits. You can train your pug no matter how old he/she is, although training him/her while it is still a puppy is always a better option. You would, after all, want your pug […]

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5 Most Dangerous Pug Toys

You might think that every dog toy that you end up purchasing from a store will be safe for your pug. However, that is not the case. You have to be really careful when you are out there on a hunt for pug toys because you never know how certain toys can prove to be dangerous for them. Many times, pugs themselves will be most attached to toys which have the potential of harming them the most. Certain toys can be chewed off, or a few of their parts can fall off. These kinds of toys can choke your pug. Here is a list of toys that are most dangerous for your pug: […]

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Image of Lola and Dixie the pugs

Feeding Your Pugs – Nutrition Guide

[yt4wp-video video_id=”hPNTIASJoyA”] As you would expect, a typical pug needs a nutritious diet to avoid health issues while living an active lifestyle. Pugs generally have no problem sleeping the day away so it is important to support healthy heart and lung function with regular cardiovascular exercise attained on walks around the neighborhood. Without any likely […]

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What You Should Know About Heartworms

Pug Basic First Aid

Veterinary healthcare is a little more complicated than healthcare for people, as there is not enough awareness about it. It is highly advisable to contact a qualified vet as soon as a situation like this arises. In emergency situations, pug owners should also have a general idea about basic first aid so that the situation […]

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