All pets require care from their owners. However, some breeds require more care as compared to others. Due to their sensitive and small build, pugs are one of the breeds that are often in need of extensive case.

Pug owners usually spend at least a quarter of an hour each day caring for their pug in the best way. There are many different areas that need to be cared for and cleaned when we talk about caring for your pug. These include:

Facial Wrinkles or Folds

The wrinkles that line a pug’s face are known as folds. When your pug sniffs on the ground and pokes its nose everywhere in an inquisitive manner, it collects a lot of dirt within these folds, along with mucous, and tears. Use a soft cloth dipped in boiled water to clean these folds on a regular basis.


Pugs eyes need to be cleaned at least once a day. It is best to clean them in the morning to remove sleep from them. Make sure that you use a soft cloth and boiled water for the process and use a different cloth for each eye to avoid transferring germs and infections.


Clean the ears of your pugs in the same manner as the eyes, with a cloth and boiled water, using a new cloth for each ear. Some pugs require a more frequent cleaning of the ears as compared to others.


Use special toothpastes designed for dogs to clean your pug’s teeth. You can use a toothbrush if you can find one that is small enough, or put some paste on your finger and apply it to your dog’s teeth. Remember that your dog will not rinse and spit the paste out as you do. This is why you should never use human toothpaste, as it is not made to be swallowed. Keeping your pug’s teeth clean will ensure that less plague and germs travel to its stomach to cause illness.

Nails or Claws

In generals, pugs have fast growing nails that are very strong. You can either, choose to go to a vet or groomer for a nail cutting or, you can do this at home. Simply buy a pair of nail clippers and cut only the curved part of the nail. It is best to cut in small amounts gradually. Repeat the process every few weeks. You can also allow the nails to trim down naturally by taking your pug on long walks if it is old enough.


The fur coat of your pug requires just as much care as the rest of the areas. You should brush the coat at least twice a week or more frequently if needed. This will reduce chances of shedding around the house, but will also give a groomed appearance to your pug. You can use a stainless steel brush that is soft to touch or buy a grooming kit for the purpose.

Aside from all this, make sure that you bathe your pug often to ensure that they do not get too smelly or dirty. Take care of your pet in the best way and enjoy your time with a clean and healthy pug!