Play Angry Pugs Today for Android! Download for FREE at Google Play

Angry Pugs is now available at Google Play for Android and is a lot of fun to play if you're an animal lover. This game highlights the typical love/hate relationship that dog and cat siblings seem to experience on a daily basis. Inspired by Rovio's Angry Birds, and just a fun little "time waster," download this game for free and have some fun! We're working to get this built out for iOS so our Apple friends can join in as well. Nothing but #puglove.

Angry Pugs in Space!
Angry Pugs the Game on Google Play

Don't Have An Android?

Unfortunately, we don't have a version for iOS at the moment. While we work to gather the necessary funding to build that out, feel free to borrow your friends Android OR give the web based game a try.

Not a gamer?

It's cool! Not everyone is into that sort of thing... Add some dog gear to your collection and check out some of the deals on the Pug Store!