A message from Dixie the Pug…
Hey ya’ll, Dixie the Pug here. My humans have finally come to their senses and let us furbies have our own blog. Keep in mind we do not have any thumbs (even though I did opt in to keep my dew claws), so please ignore any typos… I mean after all… we’re a couple of pugs, what do ya’ll expect?

So now that 2017 is up and running I believe this is a great time to address a few things. There are going to be some changes around here. First, and I believe I speak for all of us, we need to have more carpet options. These hardwood floors are extremely inconvenient when the dry winter months decide to creep up and chap our butts. We do not have the luxury to reach over and itch this area as we please. We’ve already utilized as much as the living room rug as we can and we simply cannot live in these conditions any longer. A variety of fabric options would be nice… perhaps wool?

Itchy Pug Bum GetPuggedUpYouTubeCover

Secondly, I happen to love my curves and have fully embraced my round puglicious shape. I don’t agree with these new diet restrictions that the “doctor” has set for me and demand that you seek a second opinion. Perhaps someone who shares a love for donuts or is shaped like a donut would be more sensitive to my needs.

This is all I have time for right now. Some small human on a bike and a man is walking by… very suspicious. Must go bark at them.

– Dixie