The calm attitude of pugs makes it easier to take care of them, but they can become a real problem when it comes to food. They don’t love food, they live for food! Maintaining a pug’s weight is as important as maintaining your own, not for a bikini-body but for health concerns. These 7 tips about pug health and dieting will make life quite easier for you.
7 Healthy Tips for Pug Dieting

1.     Make Him Weighing-Scale Friendly

Keeping a check on your pug’s weight is the first step towards maintaining a healthy weight. You’re lucky if your pug stands straight on the weighing scale. Measure your weight in front of your furry friend and invite it to copy you. He would play with the scale at first but gradually, he would get the hang of it. The ideal weight of a 10 to 11 inch tall male or female pug should be 14 to 18 pounds.

2.     Be Specific with what you feed your pug with

Pugs can eat everything but it doesn’t mean that you feed them with unhealthy foods. Some healthy foods for this breed include boiled white chicken, lean hamburg, liver, fish, chicken organs, carrots, peas, green beans, spinach, zucchini, broccoli, all fruits, and brown rice. Red meat is not a healthy choice as it has fat and extra calories for the pug.

3.     Be More Diet Specific during a bad Stomach

Your pug’s stomach may get upset at times and that is not something to be worried about, but taking special care of pug health and dieting during this time is really important. During stomach distress, feed him brown or white rice, boiled and shredded chicken and well-blended sweet potatoes without any topping. If the problem is not sorted within 2 to 3 days, take it to a reputable vet.

4.     Watch His Diet Load

Pugs have seasonal variations when it comes to their food intake. They eat 20% less during winter than the summer. Don’t be worried if your pug is leaving food in his platter.

5.     Keep them hydrated

Pugs are generally more concerned about solid food, and tend to ignore their water intake. A proper supply of fresh and cold water will attract him more to drink water. Also, change the water every 3 hours. In general, a pug drinks 2 cups of water a day. If he is drinking more than 3 cups, then he might be facing some physical or psychological health issue.

6.     Make it Work the few extra Pounds Off

Balloon-like pugs look really cute but those extra pounds are definitely unhealthy for them. Make your pug shed the extra pounds off with exercise. If it has an ideal weight, then some muscle-friendly exercises should help you maintain it.

7.     Maintain a Sleep Chart

Anyone would want to live like a pug: 14 hours of sleep every day and no office or utility bills to worry about. But if you don’t maintain your pug’s sleep chart, he may sleep more than 14 hours which may add a few more pounds to its body. If you notice any excessive sleeping patterns, wake it up by attracting it to a favorite toy.