Live The Pug Life

A pug is a special dog breed that dates back to a royal ancestry.
Being a pug is much more than just being a dog however...
At Get Pugged Up, puggin is a state of mind.
So hug a pug and #getpuggedup.

Pugs of Instagram

Join the #dogsofinstagram and share your furry dog moments with the pug people @GetPuggedUp today!

Pugs of Instagram
Pugs of Instagram
Dog Accessories

Dog Accessories

Is your pug naked in public? Check out our hand selected dog accessories, leashes, home goods and clothing.

Get Pugged Up dog
pug dog asleep
dog poop

GetPuggedUp TV

Funny pug dog videos... just staying pugged up man.. livin' that pug life.

Angry Pugs the Game on Google Play

Angry Pugs Mobile App

Angry Pugs is now available at Google Play for Android and is a lot of fun to play if you’re an animal lover.

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